James O'Carroll

Embedded Linux

Developing an embedded Linux product from the ground up? Yocto might be how you get there.

  • Rapid system development for your IoT product

  • Add new functionality to legacy systems

  • Get modern frameworks and language support on your product

Real Time
Operating systems

I've done extensive work with embedded systems, including running real time operating systems on microcontrollers.

  • Driver development

  • Real time operating systems, FreeRTOS, bootloaders, memory security

  • Project estimation, system level planning and architecture

For low cost, high production embedded projects, you still have to get down to the bare metal. I've worked with STM, Atmel, Freescale.

About James

I'm a software engineering consultant with more than ten years of experience in the field.

  • Rapid product prototyping

  • Devops for embedded systems

  • Continuous integration, deployment, and modern software engineering practices

I'm based in Chicago, but I'm travel ready and have done full time remote work for multiple years.



I've proudly worked with:


I'm based in Chicago, but can can always be reached online: